Gun Violence is still an important issue that needs to be addressed.

As the country continues on its path of violence, the students of America have taken notice of our society’s imperfections. This realization has become the priority of young activists who have a goal to fix it. Students have come together to rally against many social issues, such as the fight for efficient gun safety laws. Gun violence is a huge issue that affects our entire nation in its entirety. Towns throughout this country have undergone the pain and suffering that occurs during and after mass shootings. The epidemic has even spread to our nation’s schools; our presumed haven for education. The government has tried to prepare us for such events by providing us safety drills that simulate a mass shooting, but the question is, Why let guns be available to the public in the first place? CNN states, “In 46 weeks this year, there have been 45 school shootings”(Wolfe and Walker Nov. 19, 2019). This statistic does not bring justice to the reality of how pathetic our nation is by letting this many school shootings occur. Many organizations such as The Sandy Hook Promise and Guns Down America have made this shameful disease their number 1 priority, and yet schools still don’t realize how serious of an issue this is until it’s too late. Our educators expect us to recognize “warning signs” from our classmates, but they are not as obvious as they are assumed to be. This conflict has been caused by the previous mentalities that assumed mental illnesses are unimportant, but we children are expected to be able to read psychological patterns made by our classmates. The expectations are unrealistic and random. Guns should never be in the hands of children. Period. This is a simple fact, yet no one seems to take it seriously. The youth have since taken protests to the streets, demanding gun control, while others retaliate our rally cries, stating people with less mental capacities are the issue instead. One way or another, this problem needs to be solved. There either needs to control over how guns are being sold to citizens of America or there needs to be more effective mental care resources available to the public. Instead of debating, the government needs to find a solution now. This should not be a complex situation. In the words of Greta Thunberg, “That is as black or white as it gets. There are no grey areas when it comes to survival.”

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