I live life through others.

I read stories of adventure and watch characters undergo battles in film, but I haven’t experienced any endeavors myself. Unlike the personalities that are represented in popular culture, I am not a people person. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. Yes, I have friends and family that I care about, but according to those who think they know me best, I am not human enough to be called a ‘people person.’ My introverted manners and cynical attitude, somehow, define me as a being other than human. My values and dreams differ from those around me, but that doesn’t mean that I’m any lesser than them. I, too, have ambitions and goals, they’re simply different. Why should I bother pretending to care about being social when I don’t?

I plan on doing something worthwhile with my time and just because I have an established mindset doesn’t make me any less human. Instead of calling me ‘angsty’, ‘rude,’ and ‘moody,’ try to understand that I simply have a different perspective as a result of my awareness of society’s mistakes. I see things as they are. I say what I think, and sometimes it will appear as blunt. There is no sugarcoating the global warming issue and no mitigating the current COVID events. But as I continue to observe, process, and cope, I will keep on imag

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