Tackling stereotypes and discussing domestic violence.

Toxic masculinity, a term that seems to criticize the upbringing of men altogether, while highlighting the injustice it has affected our society. This word doesn’t represent every male rapist, sociopath, or murderer, it simply gives a name to the culture that expects men to live up to a certain stereotype that has been affecting mental health. “tough”, or “macho.” This approach can be harmful to both men and women, affecting their mental health and those around them. Boys who are told to “man up” or to stop “crying like a girl,” are being shoved into a mentality that forces them to act based on confined emotions. It’s the 21st century yet toxic masculinity is still an untouched topic, but it’s important to know the signs of abuse and stigma, especially during COVID-19. Along with contaminating the entire world, the Coronavirus can have an affect on your mental health. Since we have been told to stay in our homes, reports of domestic violence have become sufficient enough to cause alarm. There have been many reports of people stuck inside their homes, leading to many cases of domestic violence. Knowing the attributes of toxic masculinity can help stop the unhealthy upbringing of men altogether. For example, stop saying ‘boys mature slower than girls.’ This statement couldn’t be more wrong. Girls are simply told off for acting like children at an earlier age. It simply isn’t fair to blame an entire gender for acting immature.

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